SARK - A FEUDAL FRAUD by Peter J. Rivett  ISBN 0-9534947-2-1


Sark is an island where time is suspended. There are no motor cars, no income tax no crime. An island of perfection - a paradise island.

Read about the honest endeavours of Helier de Carteret and his heirs, and the latter day shameful betrayal of their legacy.

Discover how even now some of the residents advertise Sark as the finest tax avoidance location in the world.

Just 40 landowners controlled the destinies of 500 people who have precious few human rights. One can become a Member of Chief Pleas (Sark's Parliament) merely by purchasing land and landowners automatically out-vote the elected members.

Read how the church and its ministers have been treated with utter contempt by various Seigneurs.

Myths and legends are carefully sifted through to expose the true facts that have not been refuted or tested by academic challenge.

Sark's feudal laws have been recently prominently covered by the media, the island's way of life was seen to be beneficial only to a privileged few; their laws were not compliant with human rights and have been successfully challenged by the owners of Brecqhou. The press reports herald 'victory' for Brecqhou, but ultimately the victory lies with and will be recognised perhaps not openly by the ordinary Sarkese who, by their unremitting toil, enabled the ruling clique to live in the manner to which they had become accustomed.

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