BRECQHOU - A Very Private Island  by Peter J. Rivett  ISBN 0 953 49474 8

First ever published history of Brecqhou Island; a definitive work

Researched material was gathered from all over the world by the author for this unique publication. From 8000 B.C. to 1677 A.D. and then on to the fascinating and colourful residents of the 19th and 20th Century. Finally moving on to the purchase of Brecqhou Island by Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay in 1993 and the building of their magnificent castle Fort Brecqhou.

Book cover

Photos from the book: the lake, helicopter and cannons on the saluting battery.

Sadly Peter Rivett passed away within a week of finishing 'Brecqhou - A Very Private Island'. The last three years of his life were spent researching and writing the history of Brecqhou; this book is dedicated to his memory.

Card covers, 7" x 9.5", 294 pages with 125 black& white/colour photographs and illustrations. 20 plus postage to the U.K.


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